Topan Fencing can supply and install a full range of fencing solutions. Most fencing can be categorized by the application for which the
fencing is intended. Topan Fencing is able to advise on the suitability of all types of fencing depending on the application and environment.
We commonly use three categories:

Security Fencing

Usually metallic and where the primary objective is to secure a site to a certain level. There are a number of types that can be used
depending on the level of security required.



Used for high security
applications, where entry by climbing is a serious risk.
Usually galvanized, but can be plastic coated to help lessen the environmental impact.


Steel Panels

Used for similar reasons to
palisade, but where aesthetic appearance is a concern. Can
be plastic coated in a range of colours.


Welded Mesh

Used in lower security
applications, but where missile throwing is a



Generally used where security risks are at their lowest, but are nevertheless a concern.

Agricultural Fencing

Close Boarded

Can be featheredged or shiplap amongst others. Gives good privacy and is
particularly suitable for sites with varying gradients. Tends to be the longest lasting.


Timber Panel

This fencing is quick to erect and gives good privacy. Suitable where the boundary is generally level. Not as long lasting as close boarded.


Hit & Miss

Gives a lower level of privacy, but is highly suitable where wind load factors are high.

Used to control and prevent the movement of both farmed animals and pests.

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Post and Rail

Solid timber fencing, often used at the side of highways and on horse enclosures.


Stock Netting

Timber post and net, often combined with additional plain or barbed wire strands. Used for cattle, sheep, deer, horse, badger and rabbit control.



Timber posts with wire strands. The benefit of this arrangement is that it can be installed quickly and is suitable where the ground is undulating.

Domestic Fencing

Usually wooden, and designed to define boundaries and give a variety of privacy levels.